Unlocking Business Model Innovation through Advanced Manufacturing

White paper to inspire leaders to start or accelerate their business model innovation journey.

It is time to think beyond manufacturing operation. Changes in consumer behaviour and society at large require business leaders to go beyond operations, productivity and efficiency improvement.

The World Economic Forum has released a new white paper that aggregates the view of over 50 manufacturing leaders and highlights case studies who have already started to unlock business model innovation through the adoption of advanced manufacturing. It highlights three essential stages and five strategies leaders can leverage to unlock business model innovation and accelerate transformational growth.

Three main stages of the business medal innovation journey - Stage 1: Point solutions - Stage 2: End-to-end digital infrastructure and integration - Stage 3: New Business models
Five strategies to accelerate business transformation 1. Start with leadership and culture shifts 2. Forge system-wide collaboration 3. Adopt new metrics to measure success 4. Leverage core manufacturing strength to close digital gaps 5. Relentlessly pursue the broader purpose

Download the white paper here.

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