Renaissance Battery Management Systems (BMS) development

About the project

Energy Renaissance, Australia’s first lithium-ion battery manufacturer in NSW, has partnered with CSIRO to develop a defence-grade, cyber-secure Battery Management System (BMS) for its superStorage family of batteries.


Energy Renaissance draws on CSIRO’s unique expertise in battery chemistry to design and build the BMS which will monitor and report on the battery’s usage, lifespan, and faults. Communicating through an inverter, the system will enable secure real-time data, analytics, and remote management to drive down the risk of battery failure and operating costs for grid-scale energy storage users.


With more batteries being deployed on the grid, in businesses and homes, the project is also addressing potential cybersecurity risks. The BMS provides robust and secure communication with batteries for real-time monitoring and optimising performance for Australian conditions. 

Research partner:


$1,46 million

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“With the support of the CRC Program we have been able to accelerate our cleantech manufacturing energy journey. This collaboration has allowed us not only to access leading researchers and the knowledge to develop a world-class Battery Management System here in Australia but as well as to establish clear commercial pathways to scale the outcome of the project.

Brian Craighead, Business Development Director, Energy Renaissance